Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tell me a tale

Described as a storyteller, Rebecca Hannon is quite the writer - she just does it through jewellery rather than text. And that suits me just fine. Why, I would rather read about her pilgrimage to Santiago in Spain through a piece created by flowers from the very same place, flattened, outlined on paper and transitioned into rubber, than in words. I am drawn to works that hold a narrative. And once I learn the story of a piece, be it a painting, drawing or jewellery object, the sentiment is drawn out from it and is added to my own connotations of memories and objects.

Currently teaching at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design,leading a very busy schedule, Rebecca still manages to find time to give insightful feedback on a youngster's work. Just can't wait till she loads up her website with some more awesome pieces!

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