Thursday, January 28, 2010

Birthday Banquet

Of late, my younger brother turned 21. In collaboration with Jimwah from upcoming label Giraffe Banquet, I created this one-off piece to compliment his boyish good looks and cool kid styles -

The necklace consists of a brass, geometrical, hand forged ring and a bronze cast nintendo 'crucifix' arrow control button (courtesy of Jimwah) . I intended it to be a memento of  playing N64 games  as kids.



The brass ring was originally a technical exercise where I took four brass rod rings and deconstructed & reconstructed them to create different forms.

Alas, my brother already has lost this necklace, while riding a banana boat in Fiji. I guess with the coming of age, wisdom does not always follow. Happy Birthday Marky-Moo. x


  1. Wow. Very cool. It's amazing how you make use of brass. Suppliers near our town where I buy materials are fascinated that a lot of young people are now into making crafts out of coppers and bronze. But brass is the best seller. Even some of the brass pipe suppliers are stunned of the idea of using it as necklace pendants and bracelets.