Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Adding a ring to it.

Sorry about the false start. I set up this blog then didn't post for a while. I guess I'll start off with this piece I finished last semester. This ring was in response to the significance of my childhood experiences of a place I often visited growing up. My Opa (grandfather) planted thousands of Oak trees on this property after migrating from Germany. Our family's horses now occupy the area.

Wilberforce Ring, 2009, nickel silver, copper, horse hair

The piece was created from forming a dome that was then hammer textured and burnished. Copper wire formed the acorn cap sprig and horse hair was sewn into the centre as a nest.

here's some close ups..

some supporting material..

Twig Ring, 2009, cast silver.

Carved from wax and cast in silver, I uses a dipping process of sulpher, ammonia and bi-carb to achieve the colouring on the surface.

Oak Leaf, 2009, brooch, nickel silver

Roll milled with a paper stencil, this brooch was saw-pierced to create it's veins.